Their Dream House

Sandy and Dan were ready for a new house. They had loved their little cottage type home when they had first married, but three children and a dog later, things were getting a bit close! They visited several homes that were very nice, but Sandy had her heart on a house that she had seen while visiting an antique store in the next town. It was absolutely gorgeous. With a plantation feel, it was more than cozy and had iron work on the fence and porch. She thought it looked like an overgrown doll house and she couldn't think of living somewhere else

After trying several different methods of finding out who owned the house, Dan pretty much warned Sandy not to get her hopes up. Although the house was absolutely beautiful, the lawn was overgrown and there were vines beginning to creep up the house. A window on the second floor was broken out. It seemed as if this house hadn't had a visitor in ages and it also seemed impossible to think of living there. After all, there was no for sale sign and whomever owned it probably wasn't looking to sell. However, Sandy just wasn't giving up. 

She researched all she could to find the owner of the home, but no one knew. She even went to the tax assessor's office. They had the name of the owner, but the address was the address of the house and they didn't have the updated address. Sandy was beginning to think she'd have to give up on the house as well, but she was already in love with it. One day, a friend told Sandy about a website called She said that you were able to find information simply by typing in an address. She suggested that Sandy try finding information on the house in this way. 

Willing to try anything, Sandy visited the website and typed in the address. Sure enough, in just a few seconds she was rewarded with the same name she had found at the tax assessor's office, and a new number and address. Nervously, she contacted the owner of the home. She told him who she was and what her purpose for calling was. The owner was surprised to know that she wanted to purchase the home and explained to her that the home had been his home with his first wife. She had been an amazing woman, but had passed away from cancer. He had to move to avoid the memories in the home. Sandy and Dan were able to purchase the house and fix it up. It turned out absolutely amazing and Sandy couldn't help but think that the man's wife had loved the house as much as she did, and had wanted someone to show it some much needed love and attention. She silently thanked the woman and invited her friend to her new house to thank her for the information on the website. Thanks to, Sandy and Dan had finally gotten their dream house.

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